Mr. Hopkins

Meet Mr Hopkins, very cute bunny who loves to study 🙂 with his big bow and little glasses which are removable.

I knew you would be keen to try this Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern. He’ll make the cutest gift for that special little one, and are sure to be treasured.


The patterns include step by step instructions with many colorful pictures of the bunny making process.

Language of the pattern – English – Spanish
Crochet terms – US
Bunny size: 27 cm/ 11” tall
Level: intermediate
Supplies: Alize Diva cotton yarn, needle, 1.75 mm Crochet hook
you can use any yarn, but you should use a much smaller hook than recommended for the yarn you have chosen.
The following stitches are used: Single crochet, increase/decrease stitches, slip stitch.

You can Find the pattern Here!

If you want to have the pattern for free this is your last chance because the giveaway will be closed tomorrow, for more details click here


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Author: Engy

Hi ! I started crocheting long ago when I was a teenager, crochet created a place for me to write and share, a place where I could exist outside of the noisy world, and connect with people who share my passions. At Noga Crochet Store, I share my crochet patterns, and sell finished projects too. I hope you find something here that inspires you! I truly feel blessed every day that I am able to share my ideas with you. Thank You!

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