David Doll

So I started designing this cute boy doll on July. As the birthday month of my lovely angel. I lost him after 15 days of giving birth in the NICU . the doctor said “his heart has stopped” 4 words, 4 words to end the life I had, 4 words to change who I was, No words can describe how I felt.

No one knows how much I cried that day, piece of my heart still missing. I ask God for peace and quiet heart that can get over it by trusting that David now is in a better place with lots of cute angels like him. Lets pray for anyone who is or has (anytime in the past) struggled through infertility, miscarriage, preterm loss, stillbirths or infant loss. May God give them peace. “God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life | Romans 8:28”.

After every storm comes a rainbow—a sentiment that couldn’t be more true for parents welcoming an infant after experiencing a loss. A “rainbow baby” is one that follows a miscarriage, neonatal death, stillbirth, or infant loss—and they’re more common than you might think. We asked 16 mothers to tell us about their own rainbow babies: Each mother went through unimaginable pain before welcoming a unique and beautiful miracle into her family. But if there’s something every single one of these mothers agrees on, it’s that those experiencing loss need to know that they aren’t alone…. More


Hope you find this pattern as a perfect gift for a mom that lost her baby. Let’s support these amazing strong moms!

he is made of 45% acrylic 55% cotton yarn, with safety eyes and some blushy cheeks with red hair looks adorable, his coat and hat are removable, he doesn’t have wire only stuffed with polyester fiber so its safe for all kids.

he is wearing a blue jumpsuit with a pocket embroiderer letter D, and a shirt of light and dark green colours, with a removable saffron coat and brown hat and rose sneakers

David’s tall is 36 cm/ 15 inches.

It includes 2 PDF pattern, 33 pages with pictures step-by-step tutorial
– Crochet Basic doll Body
– Hairstyle, Clothes

The pattern includes step by step instructions with many colorful pictures of the doll making process.

Language of the pattern – English – Spanish
Crochet terms – US

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Fine cotton yarn, needle, 1.75 mm Crochet hook

The following stitches are used:
Single crochet, increase/decrease stitches, Front and Back post double crochet, slip stitch.

You can find the pattern on Etsy here, and on Ravelry here

And I’m delighted to present to you my amazing testers work.

Artist: Carol Cabrera
you can find her on Facebook , IG
Artist: Loreal Barrow
Artist: Miuc Siu

Pray that mothers will see all that God has for them to see in their children. As you pray the same prayer for yourself, you will feel the burdens in the heart as a mother being lifted away. You will begin to see how the enemy can no longer make us feel that we are not good enough for such a task. You will be rejuvenated and revived to do what God has called you to do as a mother.
As you see those changes in yourself through prayer, find confidence that the other mothers you prayed for are feeling changes too. Through all of that you will see the heart of a mother have freedom! Post a prayer in the comment box below for mothers or leave a prayer request for mothers.

A special Thank you goes out to all my testers for working so hard on proofreading my pattern and creating this design!

Thank you all for bringing more Joy into Crochet for me! I hope I can spread the same joy back to you!

With more Love


Author: Engy

Hi ! I started crocheting long ago when I was a teenager, crochet created a place for me to write and share, a place where I could exist outside of the noisy world, and connect with people who share my passions. At Noga Crochet Store, I share my crochet patterns, and sell finished projects too. I hope you find something here that inspires you! I truly feel blessed every day that I am able to share my ideas with you. Thank You!

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