Jesoulive – Crochet Doll Patterns Book

Crochet book doll amigurumi patterns $12.00

On 9th of March I finished designing my Jesy. And when I looked at her I saw her so beautiful and I have fallen for her love, then I thought I don’t want her to be alone so I decided to make another one to be her sister, I named her Olivia, then comes Sou to be the third doll I made with the same pattern but different style. I am proud to introduce them to you now.

Here in this book you will get to know very beautiful three little sisters, the older one is Jesy, Sou is the youngest, and Olivie is the middle. They come with different styles, I’m sure you will love them all. I hope that they will encourage you to create the doll of your own dreams, either for a little girl you love or for the little girl inside.

This is full Master Class for making your own doll, with her clothes too

It includes 3 patterns, 42 pages with pictures step-by-step tutorial, easy to print
– crochet doll Body
– hairstyle
– her clothes

The patterns include step by step instructions with many colorful pictures of the doll making process.

Language of the pattern – English
Crochet terms – US

Doll size: 35 cm/ 14” tall

Level: intermediate

Fine cotton yarn, wool, felting needle

The following stitches are used:
Single crochet, increase/decrease stitches, slip stitch.

if you want to buy the finished product (doll) you can find it here:

The following methods are used:
Crocheting in rounds and turns, starting with a magic ring, making a chain.

you can find the book on Etsy & Ravelry

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Author: Engy

Hi ! I started crocheting long ago when I was a teenager, crochet created a place for me to write and share, a place where I could exist outside of the noisy world, and connect with people who share my passions. At Noga Crochet Store, I share my crochet patterns, and sell finished projects too. I hope you find something here that inspires you! I truly feel blessed every day that I am able to share my ideas with you. Thank You!

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